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ELLAI宜来与WeCare WC达成战略合作伙伴

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ELLAI宜来与WeCare WC达成战略合作伙伴

WeCare WC——公共卫生间及配套设施的先驱者,今日宣布与宜来卫浴达成战略合作伙伴关系。

“能与宜来携手共同发展卫生间事业我们非常开心”, WeCare WC的创始人Wendy Krueger女士说,“WeCare WC专注于提供优质高端的设计和产品,所以我们与中国领先的卫浴设备品牌宜来合作是必然的结果。这一结合,将带来一个向世界展示我们可以创造既满足又超越全球标准的公共卫生间的机会。”

“我们在卫浴行业已经有将近20年的经验了,”宜来卫浴公司董事长孟令来先生说,“WeCare WC是一个全新的、独特的概念,他们的理念与我们创立这个品牌的初衷完全契合,这一合作能使我们的品牌、产品都提升到一个新的高度。

关于WeCare WC

WeCare WC是一家专注于公共卫生间及配套设施的设计、广告公司。WeCare WC的目标是为公共卫生间建立一个舒适、卫生、便利和互动的“五星级”标准。截至目前,WeCare WC已经在上海K11购物艺术中心、杭州银泰百货、上海虹桥机场等公共区域建成了自己的项目。WeCare WC希望能与宜来卫浴强强联手,未来五年内,在高端购物中心、加油站、机场和办公楼中,建造超过1000个优质、新标准公共卫生间。



WeCare WC, a pioneer in building innovative washrooms and public facilities, announced today that it has chosen ELLAI Bathware Company as its strategic partner for China.

"We're absolutely delighted to build washrooms with ELLAI," said Wendy Krueger, founder of WeCare WC. "WeCare WC is focused on innovative design of public washrooms; it was only natural that we work with ELLAI, China's leading bathroom fixtures brand. This is going to be an immense opportunity to show the world that we can create washrooms that not only meet but surpass global standards."

"We have been in the bathroom products business for nearly 20 years," said Mr. Meng Linglai, Chairman of ELLAI Bathware Company. "WeCare WC is a fresh, unique concept that aligns perfectly with our initiative to take our brand and product to new heights.


WeCare WC is an innovative design and advertising business that specializes in washrooms and public facilities. WeCare WC's goal is to set a five-star standard for comfort, sanitation, convenience, and engagement. By now, WeCare WC has launched their restrooms in Shanghai K11 Art Mall, Hangzhou Intime Department Store, Hongqiao Internaitional Airport and other public areas. With locations in China's premier shopping centers, fuel stations, airports, and office buildings, WeCare WC aims to accelerate its growth with ELLAI premium products in its bathrooms and grow to more than 1,000 sites by 2023.


ELLAI, a subsidiary of Tangshan Monopy group. Over the past 19 years, Monopy has been supplYING products to famous international  brands of bathroom facility field. Until today,Monopy has been exporting to Europe, America, Australia and the other more than 40 countries and regions. The annual export volume of Monopy reaches 6 million pieces and ranks top one in China (ISOC statistics 2015/2016/2017). ELLAI is a brand that is tailor made for Chinese market providing simple and practical bathroom solutions for people with high taste and style. ELLAI focuses on design, quality, life aesthetics and details of humanity. Since the launch of the brand, ELLAI has received much praise and honors from industry, designers and customers.

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